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Get started with Ad Studio

1. Sign up and start your first ad
Ad Studio gives brands, agencies, small businesses, artists, labels, concert promoters, and more the keys to create and manage audio and video ad campaigns. Just sign up to get started. Setting up an account for your agency? We got you.

2. Set your target audience
Find your people by demographic, including age, gender, and location targeting. Then, go beyond the basics and reach listeners through their interests and activities — all based on how they stream. Music-related ads can also use fan targeting.

3. Create your ad
Have an audio or video ad ready to go? Upload it directly. If not, use our free creative tools and services to create an audio ad. We’ll produce your ad with a custom, professionally recorded voiceover and background music for no additional charge.

4. Measure success
We’ve got streaming down to a science. Your reporting will be data-rich, easy to read, and accessible in real-time – it’ll include stats on ad delivery, performance, and audience.

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