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Entale is the brand new podcasting app that combines the best audio podcasts with enhanced, rich additional content that pulls you deeper into the story.
Our unique technology enhances your favourite podcasts with contextual links, pictures, social quotes and more, meaning you have everything you need to enhance your understanding of the story,synced to the audio interactively.
In short - Entale is how podcasting should be.
--Social Sharing-- Our unique player sharing functionality allows you to share your favourite moments with your friends on social media and allow them to see the same pictures, links and engaging extra content that you can.
--Navigate easily with Chapters-- Longer podcasts are split into Chapters, so you can easily navigate between topics and share the most interesting segments.
--Subscribe for new eps-- We don't have them all (yet!) but you can subscribe to your favourite shows to get updates as soon as they come out, to make sure you never miss an episode. Whether you're into Adam Buxton and Marc Maron, or This American Life and The Guilty Feminist, we've got something new for you.
--Revisit the classics-- Go back and listening to the classic podcasts that we all know and love, made interactive and with added visuals powered by the Entale technology. Serial, Dirty John, The Butterfly Effect, Slow Burn - all the greats become new experiences for you to re-live in the Entale app.

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