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We all know instinctively that Radio and TV advertising are effective, but today's advertisers want proof. AnalyticOwl pioneered the concept of broadcast attribution, helping broadcasters demonstrate spikes in web traffic that immediately follow commercial airings and helping advertisers understand the formats, creatives and dayparts that drive the best response. As a result, broadcasters are better equipped to win, grow and retain business and advertisers are able to optimize their broadcast strategy for maximum results.

The AnalyticOwl platform is easy to use, and easy-to-read reports can be generated for advertisers with just a few clicks. Plus, our support team is always just a call or email away for help with connecting advertisers, generating reports and consulting with clients.

Today, AnalyticOwl rules the roost. Our broadcast attribution platform is considered the industry standard, and is used by all of the top media companies. But we're not stopping there...we've got hot new products that will show how broadcast advertising also drives foot traffic, how it increases overall sales, and much more.

Bottom line...we give a hoot about broadcast advertising!

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