Western Sound

Western Sound

Western Sound is a Los Angeles-based podcast production company. The Western Sound team has years’ experience creating new shows from scratch, adapting television and film works for podcast, and working with all different types of storytellers to bring their vision to podcast audiences.


We’ve been in the podcast game since even before the word “podcast” — making memorable shows, winning major awards, hitting #1.
- Western Sound creates high quality, original podcasts for podcast networks 
- We partner with non-audio storytellers to turn their ideas into stellar shows
- We specialize in immersive storytelling — taking listeners on multi-episode journeys into rich, engaging worlds
In the past year, we’ve created, launched or worked on five top-ten shows, including the #1 hits Dirty JohnYoung Charlie and American History Tellers. We won a Webby Award. We racked up over 34 million downloads.

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