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We are trying to change the way podcasts are charted one # at a time.
Noticing that almost all of the charts out there simply copied the iTunes charts we felt something needed to be done for two reasons.
One, there is a lot more data out there than just iTunes, people are consuming podcasts on all sorts of platforms so we felt we needed to get multiple data sources to add to the iTunes data to get a more accurate reflection.
Two... Legacy subscribers. How many times have you subscribed to a podcast listened for a few weeks then started listening to a new series? Well you most likely didn't unsubscribe you just stopped listening, well the charts still count you as a listener, so who is really listening and how can we know for sure people are?
The PodBoard100 uses its own unique social media metric, monitoring the use of #'s and @'s associated to specific podcasts. The more people are talking about the pods on socials, the more our metric comes in to play and bolsters their position on the PodBoard100
Is our chart perfect? No. Is it the best chart to see which podcasts are trending each day? Absolutely. So get tweeting directly from the podboard, while you are listening to you pods on the podboard and help your favorite podcasters rise up the charts.

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